Frequently Asked Questions

  • How would students manage the missed sessions ?

    Students would receive the whole recorded session via email. Students queries would be appreciated by teachers even regarding the missed session.

  • How can you enroll?

    Students can enroll with simple process - Logging in to Chotte Chanakyas website , - Selecting a course that interests you - Making the payment for that course and you are enrolled .
    You can also get yourself enrolled via Whatsapp texting the Chotte Chanakya Team

  • Chotte Chanakya club ?

    Once you enroll for any of our offered courses you directly become the member of Chotte Chanakya Club.By becoming a member of the Club you gain 20 points each for all courses except for Coding and Math . For Coding & Math you will be getting 30 points each. As you achieve 100 points target you would be eligible for Chotte Chanakya’s and Corporate Chanakya’s Quiz contest. Winners of quiz contest would get exciting prizes and get a chance to be featured on Chotte Chanakya Website and social media handles!

  • What is the eligibilty for Chotte Chanakya Quiz contest?

    Chotte chanakya quiz contest
    Eligibility criteria:
    3-5 years kids- 50 points
    6-10 years -100 points
    11-14 years – 100 points

    Corporate Chanakya quiz
    Eligibility criteria:
    15-21 years-100 points