It helps in the development of muscles of your body. More importantly, it is the perfect antidote for those looking to incorporate exercise into their child’s daily life while helping them have fun through dance moves and manage their body shape and weight. 

Benefits of Zumba:
•    Teaching children to lead active lives
•    Combating childhood obesity
•    Teaching body coordination
•    Helping youngsters to develop a healthy body
•    Encouraging kids to explore the world of dance and fitness 
If you intend to help your child to dance away and stay mentally, physically, and spiritually fit to enjoy each day to the fullest then, all that you need is to help him/her learn Zumba today.  


  • Category: Nritya Shastra
  • No.of Sessions: 8 to 12
  • Start Date: 09 Aug 2021
  • Age Group:
    • From - 5 To 21
  • Type:
    • Individual
    • Group
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