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Benefits Of Teaching

Chotte Chanakya is a platform where you can build your own course, design your curriculum and teach what you are passionate about.

We have a large database with a connection of over 10,000 students across the globe.

Chotte Chanakya offers flexibility in teaching so you have the power to fix your own working hours and get paid for your efforts.

We look into backend operations from fixing schedules to communicating with parents.

We provide real-time quality teaching space where you can teach 5 to 6 students in an hour and earn handsomely per hour.

We build a network of like-minded people coming together for a collaborative effort, run on quality services and built with trust

Become a Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Can Choose Chotte Chanakya?

    Chotte Chanakya is designed to provide quality education for bright young minds across the globe. We have a network that supports their learning and development. This network is run by people who can dedicate their time and quality of service. That includes freshers, english-speaking teachers, those with playschools and coaching centers, graduates of all disciplines, working professionals, and even housewives.

  • What Can You Teach on our Platform?

    Chotte Chanakya offers complete flexibility in teaching. You can choose, develop, and nurture any course of your choosing. You will always receive adequate support to ensure it grows well.

  • What do we expect from you?

    We are looking forward to incorporating your unique interests and varied skill sets. Chotte Chanakya's teachers can easily develop their own curriculum and create practice material. You can set your own unique learning goals for each student, and track their progress towards them.

  • How do you get paid?

    Teachers get 40% of student’s fees for 1st batch
    Teachers get 45% of student’s fees for 2nd batch
    Teachers get 50% of student’s fees for 3rd batch
    Teachers get 55% of student’s fees for 4th batch
    Teachers get 60% of student’s fees for 5th batch

  • When do I get paid?

    Teachers get paid on the 10th of every month.

  • I am interested. How do I start?

    You are only a few steps away from teaching at Chotte Chanakya.
    Step 1: Send us your resume at
    Step 2: Send us a short demo video of you teaching any topic of your choice. We will also require basic details about you.
    Step 3: Your demo video will be evaluated by Chotte Chanakya's Panelists