About Us

Initiators of Chotte Chanakya

Kavita Singh Kadam

The founder of ‘Chotte Chanakya’ a ‘Mommy Professor’ intends to use her knowledge to encourage every child with skills that help them face every situation in life with the confidence of a true mastermind. She has specialized Marketing in BMS and an MBA in Finance from M.U.

Eventually, it is her curiosity, love for children, and the deep desire to keep learning in life, aided by a noble intention to share all knowledge she has acquired with students, that has served as an inspiration to create this online platform.

More passionately, she has been empowering society with knowledge for decades, to help unlock the door to success.


Ruchi Sanghrajka Thakker

BA in English Literature & Philosophy & an MBA is a ‘Mommy Entrepreneur ’ and founder of ‘Chotte Chanakya. She is highly experienced & deeply passionate about child activity & development. She has personally ensured that every course on this platform caters to the needs of kids belonging to a variety of age groups.

She has made certain that every session is filled with fun enlightenment activities to help your child enjoy the process of learning to the fullest, in order to achieve success using innovation.

More importantly, she has set up this e-learning portal to give every child the wings of their choice and happiness to truly fly high in the sky of success.

Chotte Chanakya

Our Vision

Considering the technologically advanced age that we are living in today, we at ‘Chotte Chanakya’ intend to provide your child with varied relevant personal and professional development courses, to help him/her acquire skills that will unlock the door to success. More importantly, since change is the only constant in life, we also aim to ensure that all our courses are regularly updated, and do not become outdated, to help your child always stay one step ahead of competition in life.

Our Mission

Chotte Chanakya is zestful team with a global reach. Our primary objective is to serve as an online extracurricular activities & academic courses to children age 3 to 15 and youngsters age 16 to 21 with the opportunity to undergo learning while having lots of fun.


We enable each student discover their talent & respect their roots by making available extra-curricular activities & academic courses with traditional Indian touch. Above all, we also aim to give your child an environment that is ideally suited to learn and grow at the same time.


Benefits Of Learning

Best Student-Teacher Ratio

Our program works on a low teacherstudent ratio where each student gets plenty of individualized attention.

Group of 5

At one time, a group of 5 student’s studies with one teacher to ensure all concepts are throughly understood.

Personalized Learning Opportunity of 1:1

There is abundant room for growth with plenty of learning opportunities that connect you directly with the teacher.

Certificate of Appreciation

Upon successful completion of a course, all students are awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

Enjoyable and Informative Courses

With Chotte Chanakya, learning is fun and exciting. Each course is designed to not only impart information but also do so in a manner that is receptive by Students.

Chanakya Gyaani

With our exclusive Chotte Chanakya Club membership, your child has the opportunity to earn the title 'Chanakya Gyaani' and win exciting Prizes.

Multifarious Number of Courses

We offer some of the most unique and fun-filled courses that cater to the interests of your children.